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Product Information


Discover the perfect color for your clients' hair with "FIT COLOR", "PREGIANO", and "ADEIRO". Our new brand ADEIRO allows you to control Asian black hair as you please and enjoy hair coloring just like makeup.


We provide the items to condition hair totally, from the scalp to the tips of hair, wrapping you with natural fragrance that will lead you to relaxation. Corresponding to each customer' s troubles and damage of hair, our hair care products will assist you to grow beautiful hair and create ideal designs.


Our permanent wave product line is to empower you to control texture freely from straight perm to wave perm while minimizing damage. Choose from CYS-type, TG-type and cosmetic line (sulfite).


For sophisticated women always looking for items that truly please her - Loretta.
For young "fresh" generation with growing desires to enjoy various hairstyles - B:OCE Styling Series. Our styling items will make your everyday more colorful.