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Have the black hair as you desire : ADEIRO


Have the black hair as you desire

Hair color that you can enjoy like wearing makeup with the color formulations and techniques that are customized to Japanese hair.

Product List

Solution 1 : Cream Type

Base Make Line

80g / Lot 48 / (Alkali type 36colors / Minute alkali type 31colors)
Vibrant color expression. Perfect Base Line for base color making.

Make Up Line

80g / Lot 48 / (Alkali type 32colors / Minute alkali type 26colors)
Rich, vibrant color. Makeup Line to keep glamorous hair color.

Browny Line

80g / Alkali Type 18 Colors
18 colors of 7 hues for gray cover that can realize enjoying the rich and full colors with fashion coloring touch.

Solution 2: Oxi Refill

ADEIRO Color Oxi Refill 6%・3%

1,000ml pouch / Lot 12