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Fit Color


Hair color that makes numerous color variations possible with a wide diversity of color lineup from dark tones to high tones..

Product List

Solution 1 : Cream Type

Gray Natural Color

60g / Lot 48 / 12colors
This is a mild-type of hair color that reduces stress on hair to a minimum.
The color tones are created by considering the skin and hair color.
This color tone radiates the brightness of natural black hair when used for coloring gray hair.

Gray Light Up Color

60g / Lot 48 / 12colors
Easily lift the brightness of black hair.
You can enjoy coloring gray hair with light color.
A popular mat based tone can be expressed with this color.

Gray Makeup Color

60g / Lot 48 / 15colors
Has uniquely dramatic brightness and sharp shade.
Enjoy fashionable coloring without the feeling of hair dye.

Copper Color

60g / Lot 48 / 9colors
Helps to tone down extreme contrast between hair color and scalp.
Recommended for middle-aged people who frequently enjoy hair dye.
Offers a harmonious tone of high quality color.

Fashion Color

60g / Lot 48 / 15colors
These color tones brighten hair color thoroughly.
You can enjoy colorful high lights with the use of its colors.

Application Color

60g / Lot 48 / 3colors
This application line enables users to adjust various colors.
Corresponds to various hair colors that salons offer.
Enables the use of these colors as a complementary color or to emphasize hair color.

Control Color

60g / Lot 48 / 4colors
This control line allows for easy control of base colors and adjustment of chroma.
You can control hair color by fitting customer's hair quality or desired hair color.

Solution 2 : MoltoBene Fit Oxi

MoltoBene Fit Oxi 6%・3%

1,000ml / Lot 12
This application line enables to adjust various hues.
Corresponds to various color lineups in salon as chroma control colors and color emphasis colors.

MoltoBene Fit Oxi Refill 6%・3%

1,000ml pouch / Lot 12

Stain Remover

MoltoBene Fit Stain Remover

430ml / Lot 24