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President Message

The name of MoltoBene means "very good" in Italian, which represents our strong thought for products.
We want to provide great products to make customers have great hair. MoltoBene Group contributes to make abundant society in heart and 'touching' beauty life through making the products that achieve "beauty and health" and the "satisfaction" of heart.

After 35 years since the foundation, now, we are on our medium-term management plan, MBG2015, which has three objectives as follows:
  • To be marketing-oriented company that always provides new value,
  • to be a company where everybody can feel happy both materially and morally through growing along with the company, and
  • to be a small, but global company.

In order to keep developing the brands and products that can move customers' heart, we are pursuing the diversity of human capital by creating an atmosphere of that employees who have a high sense of professionalism can actively engage in.

We genuinely appreciate to your support and advice as always in advance.

MoltoBene Inc.
Toshihiro Fukui, President